Life is too short to decipher. Live it fully or Leave it to air!

School days are perhaps the best days of our lives. Infact, they are some indelible and bodacious incidents which we can never forget . There were many ants-in-pants moments, silly fights and unforgettable trolls. Being a human, that’s what I feel about it. I’m lucky to have bunch of good friends with whom I always feel happier. As time pass by, the probability to meet them will surely decrease as everyone would be engaged in their miserable personal lives and get busier with new friends. But, meeting them accidentally on purpose once or twice happens to be real where you end up chatting with them for hours and hours on a single day. Words fall short to remember those ‘iflaasi’ talks.

Coming to the actual point, there is one painful incident which took place in my life recently. I had a friend called Sarab who is obvious to be one of the best friends I ever had. He was a real good follower of ‘Waheguru’ who valued his religion a lot. He was brave,jovial, funky, altruistic and was always there for help. His father left this world when he was young. I’m not sure whether he served the Indian army, but heard that he was a good human being. I couldn’t forget those great times we spent together in school. Pure nostalgia. It’s been some 2 years (or more than that) since we had a chat. Waving hands was mandatory when I notice him or he noticing me at crowded places. Yesterday on my way to college, I saw him at the other end of the road when the traffic was full on. I had to leave, so couldn’t actually scream his name or atleast say ‘Hey’. I thought to meet him and many other childhood friends soon.

After attending those irksome engineering classes, I was back to my place with a fucked up head. I forgot to switch my phone to normal from silent mode for which I missed few calls. Couple of them were from childhood friends. I supposedly thought to have a good chinwag in our bad old school language and so I called him back. I became so numb after listening to him. It was a call from my friend Sohail that our beloved friend Sarab lost his life in an accident met with a 7-seater auto just few meters away from his home. Yeah, the same Sarab I saw in the morning and thought to meet him soon. What do we call, umm.. AGONY. I heard many bad news so far in this vague year but this was very abominable. His body went to Osmania Hospital for a damn post -mortem. Aargh! That’s one of the worst deaths ever. And that too for someone like my friend, it’s a bloody rude awakening. I and many of our school friends were at Osmania till late night. I don’t need to describe about the government hospital. No street light. No proper parking. No goodness. But full patients. Is this the India the martyrs dreamed of ? Anyway, it would be surely out of topic if I write that shit here. Adding to the incident , I got to see a man and her wife banging their heads to floor, weeping in immense pain of losing their one and only 8-year old child who left his last breathe when a pillar at some Lord Ganesh’s Idol had fallen on him. Spot dead itseems. Could anything be worse than that?
I don’t have to ask this but I want to. What’s ‘God’ doing? He killed the small child who didn’t even see quarter of his life and who was just playing at his presence. He is responsible for taking my friend away from his family and friends. My friend was always at his service. He hardly miss to go to Gurudwara and he is a perfect Sikh. God knows what he is upto! Love you bro, you are in my heart forever.

Life is unfair. It’s ain’t all sunshines and rainbows( Yeah, I like Rocky Balboa) and if you think so, it will surely rip your happiness. So, live every moment to it’s best. Avoid haters. Help people.Spread goodness and do what your mind speaks. No! not mind, it’s heart.
My life forces me to go with my alter-ego friend Anirudh’s line,‘God is Mafia’ . Yeah, he is. But legal!

*Peace out.

Let there be light.


Death Magnetic.

This is the beginning of a blog where photographs speak, words count and quality matters! 😀
Haha, self motivation mate!
I wonder if you are still wondering about the title. Eh?
You’ll surely get to know about it if you’ve ever listened to the world’s greatest band.
Listening to it is like transforming yourselves into an alien which is addicted to metal war’heads. The sweet sound when something strikes to a not-so-rusted metal! (Thrashing a metal?) Anyway, this is not the fucking band which yells about spandex,eyeliners and Oh Baby! in every fucking song! This is not the fucking band which has got plenty of gals singing about loving the lies. This is the band that has got plenty of reasons to make their fans or listeners feel enigmatic,sane and rusted! And this band is ‘THE METALLICA’.
I’ve been listening to em since this very morning and they are my today’s addiction.
There were days when I wasn’t able to sleep till I listen to them. And it gets better and better , every time I listen . Pure magic man! Totally out of this world.
My first post is dedicated to em. The METALLICA. You too listen to it! And you’ll surely feel like you are listening to the world’s greatest band ever. Round and Square.

Note: For all those kids out there, if you like em,I like you! Else, I pity you!
(Kids here are referred to people of this generation :P)

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\m/Rust in Peace \m/