Hey !
Datta Prakash is my name , 22 years of age.
I’m a Maverick.. I like exploring things and minds. I’ve always been the man in the mirror, no body else.
My purpose to live is to knock the creative bucket outta my brain, discover the inner-self and make the most of it. I’m not happy all the time. I hate crowd and socializing much! That’s a no way thing for a disinterested guy like me. I kinda respect and revere people who think alike for all good reasons.
I sometimes gaze at the stars too long than normality. It’s not just because they shine, but also for the implication that there are many things in the world you could do which make you shine on like a crazy diamond.
I love playing cricket. I click a lot of stuff. I read history. I enjoy being crazy and going wild. I love wildlife, nature, Monica Belluci (Awesomeness overloaded) and myself a lot. All good things are natural by the way, so am I! 😀
I adore independent and straightforward women. They turn me on!
You would find a lot of self portraiture and other stuff depicting the way of life I feel is apt from my side.
Follow and stay tuned if you want to! Cheers 🙂


4 thoughts on “Who.am.I

  1. I found you after you followed my blog.
    I created my blog when I was about 15 and therefore I absolutely love your blog url and the name.
    It’s a bit dissapointing though, that there is so little about you to be found here.

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