Fall Free.

Biggest Satire when you want to know the technical definition of falling back. Sigh! Haha.

 “Falling”. . .combines the exhilaration of flying, the erotic motions of a woman’s body in space,and the inevitability of dying.” (don’t remember the source)

Haha that cracks me up multiple number of times!

Falling back in anything makes you remind that there is something and somebody always trying to pull you down. The only thing you gotta do is to kill that shit through perseverance. Fall 100 times, get up back again. Life would be amazing even if you are killed in that process of being what you are. You should never get carried away even in the most complicated situation of your life! You either stand still and knock it down or ignore it and move the fuck on.

Too much stuff for today right? 😉


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