New Year ..Same Person.

Hey and Happy New Year to all those who read this!

Life has been okay all the while! There were ups and downs, good things and bad things. I’m kinda happy that I’ve learnt a lot of stuff in this phase of transition. I lost few people but gained a lot of confidence which matters the most.
I’m sure that I can decipher any sort of complexity that tries to knock me down. No backing off mate!

Okay, let’s come to the point. I’m gonna start a self portrait collection or project with my own self dedicated philosophies and shit.
I just want to make sure that I’ll be active here as much as I could. So, I’m no more the most inconsistent wordpress user ever!

Here comes the first one. I’d like to start down and dirty! The picture is full of noise and that’s a Zenith with Helios 58mm hanging down my neck. I want to start shooting with the classic SLR which contains absolute film and nothing digital. Wanna study much about it! Will do it!

Cheers everybody.
*Screw my frizzy hair and beard*

Let it begin now!


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