Well, bullshitting is an art. It’s one of the finest arts one could ever see and I’m a short term victim.

When you have bunch of friends whom do you think are worth giving a damn, you feel as strong as a fuckin’ viking. But, wait. Whenever something good has happened, there will be enough shit ready to get bound. They start bullshitting around. They ask for your attention, act like a mosquito and screw your happiness.
This might not happen with everyone but happens to me frequently. /my own blog, so a bit of narcissism allowed/ 😉

I have and had all kinds of friends existing on this goddamn planet. Starting from a guy who feels autistic and worn-out to the ones who can’t stop talking to me. There are guys who have concerns with my attitude. So much concern that they start spending to write about it on their pages or whatever. Fad! 😀
Few talk to me like shit but they love me just like a dog loves a bone. There are friends, distant friends who  hardly talk to me but still they’re good. There are people who just love feeling envious but take hard to accept the fact. There are friends who call me after getting totally drunk in late mid-nights and ask me to drop till their homes. There are friends who have nothing to do with themselves but bother about others and their existential patterns. There are few who wanted me to text a lot, talk a lot and then be an asshole.

Everybody is a friend and nobody is perfect. But, there are few good ones that are close to your heart. /Feels shy to talk about feelings/ You can’t probably talk to them all the time but you feel like talking to them for few good hours. What if those people start bullshitting and make you feel annoyed for whatsoever reasons that are available? That’s kind of a great deal that troubles you in and out. That’s what happening to me and it’s not just one freakin’ dude. They are good in number but one of them is closer than I actually thought. See, when you have reasons to like me and you say that every fuckin’ time .. there is no point in behaving like a fellow who hates to control their own mind and in return mindfuckin’ the opposite guy. You act like being possessive, omg-this much I like you, praise me all along the line and feel depressed if nothing turns around. I like you and I surely will be letting you know how much I care. That’s for real and that’s my funeral. I always like talking to you and that’s one absolutely undoubted thing. You’re awesome!
I’d like you to behave just the way you really are. And before things start getting on my nerves, you better realize. Else, I’m sure there will be day you will start craving to just tell ‘Hi-Bye’ and you will have a bag full of regrets. Pretty sure!

Feel good and be good. And I love my friends no matter what. Because friend is my own choice and I respect it.

I write blogposts only when I’m pissed off or when I’m super good. And I wish the particular ones I wanted to read this should see this for their own good. You ‘re troubling me a lot and I don’t want you to. Xoxo! 
And this ain’t no photography post. 


4 thoughts on “F-r-i-e-n-d.

  1. I did this same type thing yesterday… LOL. (but then they shamed me into feeling bad so I deleted it… I know, just say “Chicken”) It is all about choices … those we make & then live with… the good & the bad. good post..

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