A friend called ‘Metal’.

” Life’s better!”
In this hoggish kinda world where you need to face different kinds of people in and around, there are many situations when you were demeaned or felt flat. There are only two things you can remember to do. One, break the back of the beast. And two, blame your fate. You can be someone worth noticing if you don’t care a damn about the second thing. And you can be a champion if you are good enough to make the first thing a habit.
But at one point of time, you fail to believe in yourselves and let things happen naturally. The reason may be vivid and they can be many. One of the most terrible situations is when people take you wrong when it’s actually not. It’s legitimate if it’s once or twice ..not every time you do. They blame it for what you are not. Ah! it’s easy to say ‘I don’t care a damn about and i would like to keep moving’  but it’s never possible to implement it for any human who has got some heart..all the time. You’ve got some feelings and you need to respect that shit. I believe it’s for real!
The saddest part about it is when you’ve huge number of friends to name but only few to rely upon. As life gets busier, the probability of spending time with them gets tougher. Life is such a crazy bastard, it makes the ones who have two freaking faces roam around you, be with you all the time and in return it makes you miss the real ones apparently.
As a matter of fact, every generation as passed by..gets improved in technology and deteriorated in keeping up human values. The one who has got the best character is the one who respects a fellow being irrespective of caste,creed,sex,money,shit, complexion,fame or money. The real world peace is not when people stop bombing under their country’s roof. It’s when a person feels human as a human and keeps their morale up. I don’t mean, one shouldn’t hurt the guy who is bad to him. It’s more like, reflecting both of them accordingly. I’m not a Mahatma Gandhi fan by the way. That would be a tough call for sure.
So, in this shit-driven life of mine, there is one friend who has always been with me no matter what. I call him ‘Metal’. When I started listening to it, I started feeling better. I started to look myself in me and be one guy who can stand up for himself. Starting from that beautiful riffs of Metallica and kick ass attitude of James..there are goddamn beautiful stories of Ronnie Dio, cute lyrics of Dave Mustaine and blissful voice of Sir. Bruce Dickinson. The post would be a huge one if I started to write about each one I revere about or i might get ending up breaking my keyboard by over-typing. Darn, this shit affects my psyche and changed my mind frame for good. It’s been some one year since I had a start for this beautiful congenial stuff and I’m totally feeling it!
Thanks a lot for being with me whenever I need you. I love you and I love you till death.


This post of mine is dedicated to that Late. Cliff Burton who was way big for his generation. I pushed myself to write this after listening to his masterpieces.


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