Death Magnetic.

This is the beginning of a blog where photographs speak, words count and quality matters! 😀
Haha, self motivation mate!
I wonder if you are still wondering about the title. Eh?
You’ll surely get to know about it if you’ve ever listened to the world’s greatest band.
Listening to it is like transforming yourselves into an alien which is addicted to metal war’heads. The sweet sound when something strikes to a not-so-rusted metal! (Thrashing a metal?) Anyway, this is not the fucking band which yells about spandex,eyeliners and Oh Baby! in every fucking song! This is not the fucking band which has got plenty of gals singing about loving the lies. This is the band that has got plenty of reasons to make their fans or listeners feel enigmatic,sane and rusted! And this band is ‘THE METALLICA’.
I’ve been listening to em since this very morning and they are my today’s addiction.
There were days when I wasn’t able to sleep till I listen to them. And it gets better and better , every time I listen . Pure magic man! Totally out of this world.
My first post is dedicated to em. The METALLICA. You too listen to it! And you’ll surely feel like you are listening to the world’s greatest band ever. Round and Square.

Note: For all those kids out there, if you like em,I like you! Else, I pity you!
(Kids here are referred to people of this generation :P)

The photograph here is copyrighted. Every photograph on my page has a copyright!
\m/Rust in Peace \m/


9 thoughts on “Death Magnetic.

  1. Great to see you start your own blog. I hope I can look to it for some inspiration, laughs and of course, great photos every now and then. Great going! All the best!

  2. Superb post!

    //For all those kids out there, if you like em,I like you! Else, I pity you!

    Loved this line especially.. Great work. hope to see more!

  3. oh yeah, metallica are awesome, but the thing about metal is, you can never really like just one band,

    don’t you agree?

    nevertheless, megadeth, slayer and metallica would be my order, and trash metal is the shizzzz yo!

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